Holding Employers Accountable For Their Wrongful Acts

Taking A Stand Against Racial Discrimination At Work

Last updated on April 25, 2023

Racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal, but it remains unfortunately prevalent in many workplaces. In many cases, the discrimination is subtle, and it might not be immediately apparent. An attorney can help sift through the evidence and pinpoint discriminatory employment practices.

At Khatib Law, APC, I stand up for employees who have experienced racial discrimination. I’m Mazen Khatib, an experienced employment lawyer with a passion for standing up against injustice in the workplace. At my firm in Ontario, California, you will find the knowledgeable guidance and experienced advocacy you need to fight back against racial discrimination.

Examples Of Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

In the workplace, employment discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity or national origin can take many forms, including:

  • Refusing to hire an otherwise qualified applicant
  • Laying off or firing an employee on race-based grounds
  • Treating workers differently because of their race
  • Denying workers advancement or training opportunities
  • Giving workers of a certain race less favorable work assignments or shifts

These cases are sometimes called “disparate treatment” claims because they involve treating workers differently on account of their race. However, race discrimination cases can also involve hostile work environments where bullying, teasing, inappropriate comments, racial slurs and other inappropriate behavior occur.

Leveling The Playing Field By Standing Up For Employees

If you have experienced any kind of race-motivated discrimination or mistreatment at work, you can turn to me for the guidance you all of your legal options. I can help you pursue action against your employer, including filing a complaint with the California Civil Rights Department and, if appropriate, filing an employment lawsuit.

Your employer will almost certainly have an attorney or powerful legal team on their side. You need a lawyer, too. I offer free consultations and don’t charge any attorney fees unless I’m successful.

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