Holding Employers Accountable For Their Wrongful Acts

I Can Protect You From Employer Retaliation

It takes courage to speak out against mistreatment at work. It’s devastating when your employer repays that courage with retaliation.

At Khatib Law, APC, I’m dedicated to making things right. I’m Mazen Khatib, an employment lawyer with many years of experience. I offer free legal advice on employee rights for people throughout Ontario, California, and surrounding areas. You can turn to me for guidance on whether you have a legal claim for retaliation.

The Law Is On Your Side

Employment laws at both the state and federal levels safeguard employees from harassment and discrimination in the workplace. They also give employees the right to a safe workplace with fair wages. These laws also make it illegal for employers to penalize or punish employees for exercising their rights.

What Amounts To Employer Retaliation?

Illegal retaliation occurs when an employee engages in protected conduct or makes a protected complaint and the employer retaliates with an adverse action, such as:

  • Demoting you or terminating your employment
  • Reducing your pay or hours
  • Denying you promotions
  • Excluding you from meetings, trainings or other aspects of employment
  • Bullying, intimidating or harassing you
  • Denying you benefits, regular wages or overtime pay
  • Blacklisting you
  • Refusing to acknowledge your allegations
  • Reassigning you to less favorable shifts, duties, projects or positions
  • Increasing your workload without increasing your pay
  • Giving you negative performance reviews after a history of positive reviews
  • Denying you access to resources or training that help you maintain your productivity

If you have any questions about whether you’ve experienced illegal employment retaliation, you can turn to me for a professional opinion.

How To Put A Stop To Employer Retaliation

First, you should consider speaking to your company’s human resources team, if there is one. HR is responsible for addressing allegations of illegal employment practices, including retaliation. They should investigate your allegations while protecting your anonymity.

If HR fails to take action, or if you have reason to believe that going to HR will make your situation worse, your next step should be to contact an employment lawyer. I can provide guidance on how best to protect your rights.

Clear Guidance On The Road Ahead

I will provide a detailed roadmap of what you can expect in the legal process. I will also discuss the potential risks of each step. I want you to understand your options so you can make informed choices.

A Vision For A Fair And Just Workplace

I take the American dream to heart. I believe that every employee deserves fair and equal treatment in the workplace, including freedom from illegal retaliation. I devote my career to that dream and fight for it one case at a time.

More Than Just A Free Consultation

Get a free case review and an in-depth analysis of your options for addressing illegal employer retaliation. Get started by calling 909-729-3171 or sending me an email. You won’t have to pay me any fees unless I obtain compensation for you.