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Hostile Work Environment: A Form Of Employment Discrimination

Last updated on April 25, 2023

A hostile work environment is one where you as an employee are subjected to repeated harassment or discriminatory conduct. Employees who are minorities in terms of race, religion, sex and gender identity are often the targets of toxic behavior. Co-workers, supervisors or management may be the perpetrators.

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What Exactly Is A Hostile Work Environment?

Generally, a hostile work environment is a pattern of harassing, retaliatory or discriminatory behavior against a targeted employee or group of employees. While courts typically look for a pattern of misconduct, in some cases, a severe incident of harassment or discrimination may be enough to support a hostile work environment claim.

Here are some examples of behavior that can contribute to a hostile work environment:

  • Unwanted touching
  • Sexual or romantic advances
  • Inappropriate jokes
  • Teasing or bullying
  • Inappropriate photos or posters
  • Name-calling or using slurs

With any of these behaviors, it’s important to file an internal complaint with HR. The next step is to contact a lawyer.

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