Holding Employers Accountable For Their Wrongful Acts

Taking A Stand Against Sexual Harassment At Work

Sexual harassment is an ongoing problem in many workplaces across California. It includes a broad range of inappropriate and offensive conduct.

A pattern of sexual harassment can create a toxic and hostile work environment. If you’re experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, you deserve legal representation.

I’m lawyer Mazen Khatib, an experienced advocate for employees in Ontario, California, and surrounding areas. At my firm, Khatib Law, APC, you will find a dedicated legal ally. I will work hard to put a stop to the harassment and pursue justice, including compensation for the wrongful treatment you’ve endured.

Examples Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment is often swept under the rug and minimized as normal workplace banter. In reality, it can cause tremendous suffering, humiliation and trauma.

Sexual harassment includes behaviors such as:

  • Touching or grabbing without consent
  • Staring and leering
  • Obscene sexual expressions or gestures
  • Whistling or catcalls
  • Sexual assault or attempted rape
  • Gender discrimination and other forms of discrimination
  • Sexual innuendos or comments
  • Pestering you to go out on dates
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Personal questioning about a worker’s private life or body
  • Excessive familiarity such as deliberately brushing up against a worker
  • Sexual teasing, insults, taunts or inappropriate jokes
  • Sexually explicit pictures, emails, posters or text messages

I can help you navigate your options for addressing sexual harassment at work.

I Will Fight For Your Rights

When you work with me, you can rest assured that I will take your case seriously. I will take a close look at all the facts and evidence in your case to identify all instances of sexual harassment. I will then provide guidance on your options and potential next steps.

Whether you decide to pursue reinstatement, a lawsuit or other legal action, I am here for you. I will walk you through what to expect. I can take your case to court if needed. I won’t stop until I have obtained a positive outcome for you, whether a successful settlement or a jury verdict in your favor.

Get Legal Help Today

Everyone deserves a safe and secure workplace where they can focus on their jobs. If sexual harassment has impacted your work life, reach out to me for help. I am just a call away: 909-729-3171. I offer free consultations and don’t charge fees unless I obtain compensation for you.